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 Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day

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PostSubject: Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day   Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:05 pm

Yeah, you can see the title.

I've asked for a few people's opinions on this and they've been mostly supportive.

I be suggesting a booth for mafia with the godfather theme (coz of the Youth-niversal studios shit, i apologise to any PSLs who read this forum) where we will get people in groups to play standard mafia and teach and mod their game for just one coupon per person (not sure how to price these things...).

And perhaps a per-day time limit to standardise time? hmmm...

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Confirmed (like this?)

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PostSubject: Re: Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day   Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:30 pm

I'm in!

Although mafia is very long at times; and we might want to yes, fix perday limits and stuff. We should also have more than one game at the same time, and an experienced player/s in each game to make sure it goes on the right track. Not sure how to manage signups though; but this is very reminiscent of last year's Liar's Dice so I think it'll work out.
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Mmf mmf!

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PostSubject: Re: Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day   Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:17 pm

i'm thinking we could do something like have multiple tables at our booth, or not so much tables as dramatic circles of chairs, and that's where those games take place, so more than one goes on at the same time. and while we're at it, we could sell food and drink to the customers, and charge them at a lower price if they're playing or something along the lines of that.

i also ask that all of us dress up as much as possible in the mafiaso way, simply because i have a hat.
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PostSubject: Re: Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day   Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:41 pm

Sounds good, and I think this is a little late in terms of replying cause the proposal's already done and all but...

Yeah definitely dramatic circles of chairs. As for modding I think any of us who have played before would be fine? Since I seem to have been allocated the role of game setuping.

The Godfather seems like a brilliant theme. I have no idea how to dress up though.

So, setups, I need suggestions. (The following shall be like a rant of ideas so far...)

I would recommend that all the new players play one game of C9 or similarly setup games (aka no special roles besides cop and doc) depending on the number of people playing. If we have two or three people coming in they'll have to wait and possibly merge with other newbies when they come. When we have 5 or 6 we can start a game, by adding 1 or 2 ICs - basically one of us. This is so that things like what's happening in the current C9 game in this forum doesn't happen...

Of course this is completely flexible depending on whatever the situation is, so we'll just use common sense to defeat all problematic problems.

After playing a newbie game, they can then try other setups. This is the part I need suggestions on.

Dethy (5 players) and Lyncher-Lynchee (5 and above) seem good. We are mostly all familiar with these and can easily explain the rules.

I am thinking about putting in Kingmaker (7 and above) for large groups. However since we can't sit around playing the same game for 2 hours we can consider putting in a vigilante (townies who can nightkill... well they're not townies anymore) or if it's really big we can have two separate groups of mafia - so we have like a three-sided game. Also the cupid role can be an optional addition. Do you guys want any other special roles? There a wonderful list here.

ICs are not necessary for post-newbie games but are welcome to join in.

If some people get really good or just feel like playing something of higher level, we can have closed setup games. Which will have to be premade for a certain number of people. I think we will need ICs here yeah...

That's all I have so far I guess. Please suggest anything you have to suggest.

Oh and the limit to how much they can play? Since it looks like there'll be a newbie level and a post-newbie level, maybe we can say one newbie game and two other games? Of which they can choose newbie games if they want. But I think this also depends on how many people turn up. If we have a lot of people we might need this limit but if not we can just let them play all day. Yeah.

Ok. Done for now. Whee back to English...

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PostSubject: Re: Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day   

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Mafia Booth For YOUTH Day
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