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 [READTHIS] Universal Rules

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PostSubject: [READTHIS] Universal Rules   [READTHIS] Universal Rules I_icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2008 8:42 pm


  • I. No editing of your posts is allowed. Period.
  • II. The mod has the final say.
  • III. Do not communicate about the game outside-of-thread except for "OY GO POST" prods or if your role states otherwise.
  • IV. Do not quote from your role PM, even when roleclaiming. Put all that English Compre to use and use your own words.
  • V. Bitch and be rude all you want. Understand, of course, that the mod may not like this, and neither may your fellow players.
  • VI. BE ACTIVE. If you have not posted in the thread for three days, you will be prodded. If you do not post in the thread in another three days, you can/will be replaced or modkilled if a replacement cannot be found.
  • VII. If you KNOW you will be unable to be active on the game, PM and let your mod know. If you will be absemt for more than five days, you may be replaced.
  • VIII. When you are dead, stay dead. Most mods allow one unrelated "bah" post before you must vanish from the gamethread.
  • IX. Dead cannot communicate with the living regarding the game.
  • X. And for gods' sake, NO PRIVATE COMMUNICATION (unless your role allows it). In case you were wondering- whispering in Face-to-Face Games? ALSO NOT ALLOWED. Gah.

  • I. Use your superpowers for good, not evil.
  • II. You have been given mod powers over this subforum to moderate your thread, and only your thread. No fucking around with the others. Seriously.
  • III. If your thread has been fucked around with, inform me.
  • IV. In the event that you leak any information to the players that they should not know, the game is instantly HALTED. You may salvage the game by restarting it from Day 1/Night 0 with newly assigned roles.
  • V. It is your responsibility to ensure that the setup is fair.
  • VI. If your players are inactive, you must prod/seek replacement respectively.

And the Obligatory:
  • I. HAVE FUN!!11!

You may reply here with any questions/queries with respects to this post and this post ONLY (anything else can be taken up with the FAQ thread HERE).

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[READTHIS] Universal Rules
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